Welcome to monday summer school

Happy New Year 2024!
And because it’s summer here in Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re reading this email, we’re assuming you’re one of the lucky or unlucky (depending on your perspective) folks who are working through the summer. While the beach shack on the coast may not be yours, there are upsides: with fewer colleagues around, you may finally get time to upgrade your job skills.

Welcome to monday.com summer school

Twice a week in January we will suggest a topic to up your monday.com skills. Whether you want to spend 10 minutes or an hour, we have great content for you, which I will post in this topic.

If you’d like to be added to the email list, please email aniabo@monday.com

Today’s topic: certifications
Special monday.com Summer School offer coupon: 25% off certification exams use code CERT2024

As a monday.com certified specialist, you become an expert within your company, and acquire marketable skills for the future.

For more information on the steps to get certified, go to the monday.com certifications page and use code CERT2024 to get your 25% discount (valid until the end of January 2024)

Hi Ania,

Hope you’re settling into some summer learning in the office - be it a home office or the actual office building. Let us highlight the one place to go for all your monday.com learning.

Today’s topic: monday.com Academy

Whether you’re looking for courses to get started or to further your skills, the monday Academy has all the easy-to-follow lessons to help you succeed.

Some courses to explore:

  • Working with monday.com (Beginner)
  • monday.com administration (Beginner)
  • Building workflows (Beginner)
  • Reporting in monday.com (Pro)
  • The formula column (Pro)

Start learning now
Happy learning!

The ANZ monday.com team