What is the best method to connect monday boards data to Power BI?


Is there a go to method to integrate Monday.com with power BI?

I need to get the data from all the boards and import it into power BI, can someone suggest a free solution?


Hello @SolidBingo ,

Welcome to the monday community!

Since there is currently no native integration of monday with Power BI, it would need to be created via using platforms such as Make.com .

Our team at thespelas.com has a great deal of experience in creating complex integrations, so if you are interested in going forward with this integration please contact us at info@thespelas.com to see how we could possibly assist.

Best Regards,
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com


you can try to use Power BI Connector for monday.com by Alpha Serve. With this app you can connect monday.com to Power BI and build comprehensive reports in minutes for data-driven decisions.