What is this new icon for?

What is this new icon at the top of each board for which I’ve recently seen appear?



Good question. I think it shows the ones who last edited something on the board, but thats a guess.

Plausible guess @Eltjo.

I’ve emailed Monday.com Support to see if they offer a definitive answer.


It’s the last people that viewed the board. When you click on the icon it tells you last viewed.

Thanks @Adrian.

It’s good to have a new feature but I wonder why that data is useful at the top of every board.

Its a strange one. I thought it was a ghost visitor spying on my board with their cell phone

Agreed. Not sure how or if I’ll use it. I can’t think of a use case for it.

I wonder why Monday.com have spent the time to implement it when there are many other highly voted feature requests on these forums in the past 12 months which are still waiting for some love.

Appears to just show how long it has been since a person has viewed the board…our team likes the feature especially with remote work, we can see who has or has not been working the boards.

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Yes, I’m sure that’s the main driver for this feature.

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