What it means when a feature is “On roadmap ”

Congratulations! When features are marked as “On The Roadmap” it means that our development team is already working on bringing this idea to life and we expect this feature to be live soon!

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Hi @Julietteb

Do you have an update? Any idea when this will be live? Sending a link instead of the actual attachment isn’t a good solution, especially if you send it to someone outside your organisation.

Hi Is there an update to this it has been 8 months since it moved to on the roadmap.

I simply need the start time / end time to pull through so I can effectivley see time spent via outlook in Monday.com

I have been able to use this to get the hours correctly
round((TIMEVALUE({End Date})-TIMEVALUE({Start Date}))*24,1)

However for recurring meetings, it pulls through the start date and end date of when the recurrance started not the start and end date of the meeting.

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Fully agree, Hoping this feature is comming soon.

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Any updates? Seems like this has been “coming soon” for almost a year now…