Start and end time in date column

Reading through this thread and it has been 4 years since it was raised as an issue. Is there any timeframe yet on a resolution? This is the only thing missing from Monday that would make it a usable platform for all parts of our business.

Still waiting for this. Still paying for two completely different, disconnected products to poorly replace this one feature.

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Please add an End Time to the Date column type. The functionality is already there to display a Start Time on the calendar. Surely the change to add an end time and display the time range on the calendar would be a very small piece of work. People have been desperate for this function for over 4 years going off the various threads about it


I read the entire thread and did not see a solution. We use Google Calendars for the sync.
Calendly is the reason why this is vital. We need our tasks to appear as blocked time on the calendars at our firm. We send calendar invites to clients using Calendly. If the tasks do not match the actual duration, then our clients will either make appointments that conflict with our blocked time or will not be able to make an appointment because a blocked time for one hour is actually less than one hour so time that would otherwise be available is not.
Automation and calendar apps are the difference between 2019 and 2023. It’s time to solve this.
I have been trying but we will not extend it for use by our team if this problem is not solved.


What Anthony says here is key - this situation causes severe problems. It is not just a missing feature it causes serious problems for organizations because of the default event time. We have elaborate work-arounds and need to apologize for this flaw constantly with our partners.

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Hi Community! I am excited to share that product team is working on this feature and it is now on the roadmap. We know that this is a very important feature for many and are planning to release it soon. You can read more about what it means when a feature is marked as “on roadmap” here.

Your voice is important to us. Read this topic to learn more about our new feature request process!


This one sparks joy

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Greatest news of the day!!!

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Thank you!!


This would be a HUGE game changer for our team as their biggest complaint about our transition to Monday is the confusing calendar / how their assigned to projects that are over multiple days / have certain days over a period of a month when they are active

What is the timeline on this? I’m glad that it’s on the roadmap, but how long does that normally take?

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@BiancaT Wondering if you are able to give any ETA on this item. I know it is on the Roadmap, what is the usual sort of turn around before we will see them in the real world environment.


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I am currently using mondays timeline-field and workload sheet. And do my own timeblocking in google calendar.

I really need a way to timeblock the items directly from monday to save time. Not necessarily in google calendar, just any calendar.

Will this feature come? Or do anyone else have a good app to recommend that integrates with monday?

I totally agree with this feature suggestion.

Adding to this suggestion…

…I LOVE how the software called ClickUp lets you create a list of simple tasks, and then lets you drag and drop them into a day view on a calendar!
It also lets you move those tasks around freely on the calendar, plus it lets you move (drag and drop) those tasks back to your to do list if those tasks need to be rescheduled.

PLEASE add this to!!! :slight_smile:

I’m developing my workflow on Monday, and I really like the possibilities it offers. Nevertheless, right now my most important productivity tool is Google Calendar as is the one that let me time-block my activities. I’ve seen the integration Monday offers with Google Calendar and i’m about to try it, but honestly I would prefer Monday could feature an in-app calendar that could allow me to sync seamlessly items directly to a calendar and allow me easily to assign time start and end in the graphic way Google Calendar does with drag and drop etc, with that time assignation being shown on Gantt and Timeline view.

I also read someone else suggested that as apparently the app ClickUp allows that or similar.

Honestly, I would love to drop Google Calendar to only use Monday, and that way have everything in the same place, and not just using automations (that are limited in most plans, too)

Please, Monday! Make us the most happy and productive human beings on earth!

Hi everyone!

If you’re interested in signing up to test the new date column experience, please do so using this link, New experience - date column :pray:

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I have filled out form to sign up. Do you know of any timeframes for the rollout Bianca?

We don’t have a concrete ETA, however rollout should be in the next few weeks :pray: Thanks for bearing with us!

I have filled out the form! Excited to see an End Time feature in the Date column roll out. My client would love if they could update their board for multiple hour long trainings and have it update to the integrated google calendar without the admin team having to manually update the end times! Thanks!!!

How is this one going Bianca?