Is there a recurring date/time column that will reflect on a calendar in the dashboard

I’m using Monday to manage my assignments and class schedule, primarily because I don’t like Canvas. It’s been great save for one minor annoyance. Right now my schedule has to use A text column for the days because date columns act like due dates, not event dates. This means they don’t show up on calendars. My board treats classes as tasks, and maybe that’s not the best way to do it, but it was how it was done in the templatee I used to start. I’d like some way to be able to specify that this task/event/whatever occurs every tues/thurs at 5 for example.

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In this case, you might like to try out one of our Calendar integrations. This will let you sync your tasks to either Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.
In both cases, you can determine a start and end time for the tasks, which sounds like it might be of use for you here.
You can read more about each of these here!

Outlook Calendar integration
Google Calendar Integration

Do you think this could be an option for you?



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