Calendar multi days events

Hi, sorry if i am being really thick but only just started to use Monday for our business.

In the Calendar Board. How do you create an event over multiple days? Am i being really silly here! I can only create individual events…



Hey Ben! You are not being thick at all - it’s a fair question!

You can use the Timeline Column for this!

Are you looking to sync this item into Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar as well? Or just create an event spanning multiple days in your monday board?

Hi! I actually worked this out. However I have another question!

I see you can repeat events daily weekly and monthly, but what about yearly? How would I create a yearly birthday event or end of your meeting for instance, that happens on the same day each year?

Hello @CharlotteK , we have a similar use case where we want to track events spanning multiple days. In Monday, we can use the timeline column which is great. We are looking to sync our events from Outlook to Monday so that when people block trips in Outlook it will sync to our board. Is there a way to have the Outlook event start date and end date populate to the timeline column either directly or through setting up an automation?