Multiple Dates on Dates

This might be a feature request. Although based on my experience with Monday, there might be a way to do this with what’s there and I’m not seeing it.

We’re looking for a single entry on a board to have multiple dates associated with it. Just an example, we have an item that represents a piece of content. And we want to run this content multiple days in a month. So we’d like to flag a single date column with like Jan 1st, Jan 14th, Jan 20th, etc. Timeline allows you to flag a range of dates. But we’re looking for just being able to add multiple individual dates. Optimally, the dates column would allow you to add multiple dates similar how the Dropdown column allows you to add multiple selections.

Does this currently exist? Or perhaps there’s a clever workaround?

Thanks in advance,

Agreed–we have a similar need. We need to be able to add a return visit to a project after project completion. Would rather not have to create a duplicate item just to be able to schedule a separate date.