Selecting non-contiguous dates in a Timeline Column

I am trying to find a way to select multiple dates in a timeline or a similar feature. For example, I am using a Board to assign projects to Consultants, and they might have the engagement happen every Friday for the next 2 months. I would need to have a way to tie all these dates into a single item (since it’s all within the same Engagement).

Ideally I would like to have the timeline feature to allow non-contiguous dates. Is there any current workaround for this?

Would utilizing sub items work for you?
Board = Project
Groups = ?
Items = Engagement as a whole/consultants project
Sub Items = Engagement Activities

So if the consultant is assigned to a project for 2 months, that would be the item, and each activity associated with that engagement is a subitem underneath that item.

You would still only be able to enter one date in the timeline at the item level, but in this case it could be the 2 month project say Oct 1 - Nov 30.
Subitem 1 = Engagement 1 on Oct 6th
Subitem 2 = Engagement 2 on Oct 13th etc.

I might not be fully understanding your use case, so I apologize if this is not what you are looking for, but this is potentially a workaround you could try.

Expanding on that, create a timeline column for the sub-items, mirror that in the item, you then see your consultants works at sub-item level - however your item or group level timeline will show from earliest to last date and not show a broken timeline - which might be what your after ?

Thanks both, this helped, what I did was:

  1. Created X number of sub-items per item (depending on how the customer wanted to split the engagement)
  2. Copied the columns from the parent item that I needed
  3. Once I have all the Columns, then selected “Show Summary on Parent Item” and that created a new column with the summary of all the dates.

This is the closest I’ve gotten to the functionality that I need. It would be ideal if the changes in the parent and sub-items were reflected amongst each other, but it seems like that’s not a feature available just yet:

One other thing to note is that once you add the columns for the sub-items it seems like you cannot remove them, so that would be something to note.

For the feature request, the ideal would be to have the ability to select multiple, non-continuous dates, just like it’s shown now in the summary column created by the sub-items, but without having to create the subitems, just being able to select the multiple dates from the timeline column (e.g. if you press CTRL while selecting dates, you can select them one by one).

Hope this helps clarify and thanks for all the help with this!