Multiple Timelines or Dates on a Row/Item

Hello - We are looking for the best options for setting up our due dates. Our board is set up so 8 different teams will work on a single item/row. The items moves between teams via the group. Our due dates are dependent on each other - i.e. the review process cannot begin until the creative is done, QA cannot begin until the review is done, etc. There’s really a few questions here:

  1. What would be better for this Dates or Timeline Columns?
  2. I can only seem to find a way to set dependencies from item to item, not date to date/timeline to timeline
  3. Is there a way to summarize the timelines - like add the 1st start date to the last due date and have an overall timeline? (I am pretty sure this can be done with dates)

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Sara413!

In terms of what the better option is between the date column and timeline column, this would mostly depend on the duration of each task. If a task is taking more than a few days to complete, I’d recommend using a timeline column to avoid having to set up multiple date columns, which then can result in a bit of chaos on the board as it grows.

In regards to setting dependencies from item to item, this is currently how the feature has been designed to function - that being said, if I am understanding correctly, if you were interested in setting dependencies from timeline to timeline, whilst you still be choosing items, you’d essentially just need to chose the item whose timeline the current item is dependent on - does this make sense? From there you could set this automation up:

You can achieve this by referring to the group footers. Is this along the lines of what you’re hoping for?

Let me know your thoughts!