1. Timeline dates not aligning to dependency 2. Need to be able to adjust start date

Hi everyone,

I’m newish to Monday and after chatting with my vendor rep we still dont have an answer to my issues.

  1. I’m setting my dependency (in settings it is configured to my timeline column) but its not aligning to the finish date - some of these tasks are waterfall and therefore cannot happen at the same time.

    You can see from the example that i have the dependency as the predecessor in this case. but clearly dates are not aligning based on duration. What am i doing wrong?

  2. I need to adjust the start dates on select subtasks, or else everything looks late. The rep i spoke to didn’t know and i looked here for some tips. Any ideas?


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Hey Amanda,

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues with the dependency feature - happy to look into this for you!

I have tested this on my end, configuring the dependency mode to flexible to ensure dependent items don’t overlap with the item they are dependent on, and this is how it looks, which looks to be expected:

It appears on your end, it’s that 3rd item that pushes the timelines out of whack - is this right? Have you tried to set up a new combo? Does this same behaviour persist?
Can you also please try duplicating that 3rd item (leadership review), and let me know if anything changes?

Thanks for your help :pray:

Hi Bianca, thank you for your response!

When i was on the phone with my vendor rep i did recreate the combo columns but she didn’t know what was wrong either. Now if i were to recreate the columns my entire board is already mostly in place, so it would be a large amount of time to update. so i was hoping for an easier solution :slight_smile:

I changed my current columns from strict to flexible and back to strict again, and it did seem to help, except for the 3rd row. I just tried to duplicate that third row but nothing is resolved. I even created a new subtask to replace it and now its even worse, picking up Aug 1-14 as the timeline dates. What else should I try?

About my 2nd question in the post, how can i change or set the select waterfall tasks to a specific start date and not the default date of when it was created?


Hi @Amanda_W,
I completely understand your pain-point and what you are trying to achieve.

Currently using struict/flexible dependency setting can’t automatically change the start dates and setup the concurrent activities (same start date for 2 activities) but I believe the ScheduleRPro app would solve your problem.

the app essentially allow you to define the dependeny types using status column and based on duration and predecessor of the task automatically populates the entire project plan when you input the start date of first activity.

Try the app fro marketplace , I think its the best solution for your workflow.


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Thanks for getting back to me Amanda :pray:

Hm, this definitely sounds strange… and might be an issue that our technical team will need to investigate I am afraid as it should be working accordingly per your settings. Would you be able to reach out to our support team via the helpcenter? You’re welcome to share this community thread so they can gather a bit more context. They will be able to investigate more thoroughly and escalate this to our technical specialists if required - I apologise for the double work here.

In regard to your second question, are you looking to automate the start date of those subtasks, based on their predecessor?

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We had to do something similar with a start date that changes constantly. I was able to use the autoboost app and a few extra columns to get around this.

For all of our timelines we need 5 columns - we have a close date, then a column for how long after close date a task needs to start, a column for how long after start it needs to be finished, a column for the task start formula, and a column for the task end formula.

In the image above you can see we have a duration of -14, so the task starts 14 days before our close date, with a due time of 0 so it needs to be completed by close date.

Using this formula to set the date column ADD_DAYS({task’s Est. Close Date}, {task’s Duration}), and this formula for date1 ADD_DAYS({task’s Est. Close Date}, {task’s Due time})

Then you just need to apply to the timeline with this formula TIMELINE({task’s Date}, {task’s Date 1})

I hope that helps, there is a lot more info that I could add for how we use this in our task list for each acquisition so just let me know if you need anything else


Thank you! i’ll submit a support ticket!

Yes, i’m looking to set a particular start date for my predecessor and then all dependencies follow if theres a dependency listed.

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Thank you! I’ll look into that.


Thank you! That’s an interesting workaround! I’ll look into the app.

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