Dependency Dates not changing

I have Googled, I have YouTubed, and I have baNgged my head against the wall. I can’t figure it out.

Sub items
A, B, C , D
Colum 1 - Item
Column 2 Due Date
Column 3 - Dependent on column (2)

B is dependent on A,
C is dependent on B,
D is dependent on C blah blah.

No matter what I do, when I change the date in A, nothing changes in B, C OR D!!!

Please help
YES, the relationship between the dates is “Strict”. So when one, moves the rest has to move.

Hey @SpinningMyHead,

Hm, this certainly sounds a little strange… as from the sounds of things, everything should work expectedly…

By any chance is it possible to share a short demonstration of the issue via a screen-recording (you can use if you like!)? Let me know if you’d prefer sending a private message and I can investigate :pray:

We have a similar situation. Dependencies are set along with appropriate lead/lag, if necessary, and the timeline column is linked, however, changing the date of the first item does not change anything below it. The only way we are able to change the dates is to do the following: click column Dependent On: Settings: Customize Dependency Column: Re-select Timeline: Save

The dates will then adjust. In the past we were able to modify the date of the first item and everything else would update…when set to strict of course.