Dependency Dates not changing

I have Googled, I have YouTubed, and I have baNgged my head against the wall. I can’t figure it out.

Sub items
A, B, C , D
Colum 1 - Item
Column 2 Due Date
Column 3 - Dependent on column (2)

B is dependent on A,
C is dependent on B,
D is dependent on C blah blah.

No matter what I do, when I change the date in A, nothing changes in B, C OR D!!!

Please help
YES, the relationship between the dates is “Strict”. So when one, moves the rest has to move.

Hey @SpinningMyHead,

Hm, this certainly sounds a little strange… as from the sounds of things, everything should work expectedly…

By any chance is it possible to share a short demonstration of the issue via a screen-recording (you can use if you like!)? Let me know if you’d prefer sending a private message and I can investigate :pray: