Dates moving on their own

When I’m using project management workflows, the dates in the workflows seem to have a mind of their own. I might start a project on 3/1/2023 and then the dates will just start moving themselves back in time so a date I initially put in as 3/1/2023 will changes itself to 7/1/2022. Then all of the dependent dates start moving around on their own as well. Dependency-based Gantt charts seem almost useless in Monday. I used Scheduler Pro to see if that would fix it but the same issue persisted.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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If you are using dependencies, then the dates of the subsequent dependent items changing by changing a previous item’s date is working as intended.

If you are saying that you are creating a new project that is initially not dependent and the date is changing on its own, that definitely should not be happening.

If you could provide some example of a specific case I would be glad to assist you in resolving this problem.

Otherwise, you could contact monday support here or through your monday account .

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hi @MConsidine

Welcome to the community! Can you share the integrations and automation pages of the board? Also, the dependency column has a setting (Strict, Flexible, No Action) which can be checked by clicking the 3 dots and select settings. What is the current setting?


I am having a similar problem. I have boards using dependency to move dates easily when we change a launch date. I change some boards and it works fine, other times they change then change back when you go back in to the board. Other times they just don’t change at all so I have to do it manually by changing the setting for the column to No Action and then back to Strict.

All my columns are set to Strict, and connected to the date column I am needing to change. There are no automations as I just need the dates to move along with the dependent item. But still they have a mind of their own and there is no regularity to it either.

Anyone else finds a stable fix for this let me know, or if it is a bug let’s hope it is looked at soon.


I’ve noticed that if you move a date into the future far enough that dependency relationships “break” (i.e. a dependent item is due before its antecedent) the rest of the dates reset correctly. But if you move a date back in time, none of the other dates update. And also if you move a date back in time, that date may start moving further and further back in time on its own. I moved a date from 3/8/2023 to 3/1/2023 and then it just started auto-updating itself until it was 7/1/2022. Very odd and really makes the app unusable in certain instances. And because it’s unusable in some conditions, you can’t rely on it in any conditions.

I’m working on compiling the list of requested details to help troubleshoot.

This is consistent with my experience. I’ll have a Gantt displaying correctly one day, i.e. standard waterfall with tasks aligned per dependencies, but the next day I’ll navigate back to the board and one seemingly random task will inexplicably appear much earlier than it should. I have experienced this multiple times with multiple Gantts for multiple boards. When I check the dependencies of the offending tasks, it always appears correctly. If I delete the dependency, then input the exact same dependency, it is corrected.
From my experience it feels buggy, and it’s highly frustrating, because I can have a plan set up perfectly in advance of a meeting, but when I come to present the pan, these seemingly random changes don’t reflect well on me, and therefore I feel the only option available is to inform those I’m presenting to that is buggy.