Support with Issues with Date Dependency Automation

Hello Community

I am facing a problem with date dependencies on my project board. When I move a task’s start date forward, all the dependent tasks adjust their dates automatically as expected, which is great.

However, when I try to move the start date of a task backwards, the dependent tasks do not adjust accordingly and remain at their original dates. This has created an issue for me as I need to manually adjust all dependent tasks when rescheduling a task to an earlier date.

It appears that the automation works perfectly when moving tasks forward, but it doesn’t work when moving tasks to earlier dates. I have tried clearing my browser cache, cookies, and ensuring that my browser is up-to-date, but this issue still persists.

Could you please assist me with this problem? Is there any specific setting or solution that I might have missed to correctly automate this backward adjustment of task dates? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your support.


Hey @olifreuler,

Can you please confirm if you have the dependencies set in strict or flexible mode? From my understanding, if you have strict mode set, those dependent tasks should follow the adjustment made in the item.

You’re welcome to share a short screen-recording so I can take a closer look if it helps!