Date not staying on dependency item after change

Hi all,

I have asked about this on a prev thread but I thought would be more specific on this as it is a bug rather than a feature.

I have a number of tasks, all linked to the ‘launch date’ with dependencies. When I change the launch date (for example, by 20 days to the future) I want all the tasks to change their dates forward 20 days to the future.

It seems to work at times, then when you refresh the page the dates have moved back. It can sometimes take 3 or 4 times to get them to stay!

I have settings on the column set too strict so should all work. Just feels like a bug as it reverts back to the old dates most of the time.

Edit - I should add that when you have changed dates on all tasks, and they stay, when you move those items to a new board they move back to the old dates every time!


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Hey Andy!

This certainly sounds a bit strange given it works intermittently for you…

Would you be happy to send me a private message with a couple of screenshots (or if possible, a short video demonstration if you can catch the issue in action!)? This will help me engage in some testing on my end and if need, get our technical support team looped in :pray:


Thank you for the reply and offer for more help. This is still and issue but we are working on something else at the moment so when that project is done I will be able to take another look at this and send over a video of the issue.


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Same problem over here. Very frustrating and literally unusable for projects with 20+ linked tasks.