Random Start Dates

I’m exploring the use of Gantt charts on Monday.com.
One thing that has confused me is that when I add a dependency then sometimes the start date doesn’t equal the end date of the Dependent On task (plus one day) and sometimes it picks a date in the future. Is there a way to force dependent tasks to start as early as possible?

Hey Michael! This dependency recipe might be trying to estimate how far to push a date based on the pre-existing time between the date columns. However, the best way to determine the cause of the issue would be to see a screenshot of your board and automation recipe!

You could shoot us a message at support@monday.com to get this figured out, or we can work through it together in this thread! We’re happy to help! :blush:

I am having similar issues with the dependencies and start dates since the system updated. Can you please help me resolve that when new items are added with a dependency it defaults the start date of the new item to today’s date and pushes all previous timelines backwards?