GANTT | Dependencies bug

Hello everyone! I’m encountering some errors while using Monday that are affecting the functionality of the activity planning tool. When I’m planning a project, I take into account the recent feature of activity dependencies. However, when updating the planned dates as they occur, the activities seem to “forget” certain functions and end up getting out of sync with the Gantt chart. Can someone help me? Is anyone else facing the same issue? Why is this happening?

Hey Vanessa,

Sorry you’re running into some errors here! It would be helpful to grab some visual context if possible so we can isolate what might be causing this. Is it possible to share a screen-recording of the behaviour you’re experiencing? You can use to record and share the link :slight_smile:

I couldn’t record to show the issue, but I’ll try to explain with the images below. I had two activities (one in green and another in blue) independent of each other. When creating a finish-to-start dependency from the blue activity to the green one, I would like the start of the blue activity to be automatically updated (from November 23rd to December 1st), as shown in the second image. However, if I leave this frame on Monday and come back, suddenly the start of the activity goes back to how it was before (on November 23rd). It’s as if the activity forgets that there is a dependency.

Hi Bianca! Were you able to see my last message?

Hey Vanessa, my sincerest apologies, I completely missed your reply here :pray:

I see what you mean here… If you don’t mind, I will be taking this with our dedicated team internally to clarify what is expected. As soon as I have more information, I will let you know!

Hey Vanessa,

Thanks for your continued patience with me!

I’ve chatted with our product team internally and I am afraid they believe this requires further investigation by our technical team.

Can I kindly ask that you please raise this with our support team via our help center and reference this community thread? You’re welcome to send me a private message with your email address so that I can check on the ticket too and escalate accordingly :pray: