Include predescessor options with lead/lag options for dependencies.

One of the things that I’ve seen that’s pretty restrictive in using the built in gantt chart is there is no way natively to select how the the system uses dependencies when building a gantt chart. There are many times we have a release date for an item and would like to schedule back dates using the release date as the point of reference without manually having to insert tons of dates.

Currently Monday only recognizes Finish to Start, which is an extremely basic form of schedule building. We should also have the option to have lead/lags built in to those schedules.

I understand that Monday mostly caters to agile methodologies, but when dealing with hard release dates combined with manufacturing we need to use a hybrid model, which requires some traditional project management tools.

I know there is third party apps for this, but they are expensive and will eat up all of the automations for the month easily. It really should be part of the core build.

Please add more options to create dependencies, like start-to-start, finish-to-finish, etc.

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For advanced planning I recommend the app “Scheduler Pro” from our partner Work Perfect (contact: @Shamika_Khedkar). The app supports:

  • all 4 dependency types (SS, SF, FS and FF)
  • lead and lag days
  • configurable weekdays (even split workweeks)
  • configurable holiday dates
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Thank you for the suggestion, and I have been using this as a temporary solution. However, there’s a few issues:

  1. This is basic schedule functionality, it should not be a paid addon.
  2. Using their solution uses a large amount of automatons. Even on a Pro account, this will easily churn through the available automatons for a company running anything beyond basic checklists.
  3. Their solution can be buggy, with dates not filling in many times in more complicated schedules.