Better dependency functionality

Hi I have a monday board dedicated to schedules and the functionality of the dependency column is terrible. It only updates sporadically and sometimes incorrectly and it would be AMAZING if there was some customization. For example, the ability to exclude weekends or specific holidays so when a dependency is triggered it would be more accurate. Unfortunately, with how badly dependencies performs, it’s better not to use that column and update all of the dates manually. Can customization be integrated?

hi @EmilyG

Welcome to the community! I agree the out-of-the-box dependencies are not the best solution. Together with our partner WorkPerfect (contact @libin) we developed an app called SchedulerPro. The app support weekend skipping, 4 different dependency types, lag and loop detection. Feel freen to contact @libin for more details.

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Thanks @basdebruin

Hi @EmilyG
Please see my colleague’s post here for more information :slight_smile:
You can receive a trial to the app through submitting this form!

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Thank you all so much!! I will look into it.

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@libin where can I find out pricing information for the app once the 10-day trial has expired? Thanks!

Hi @EmilyG

If you think SchedulerPro will work for you, you can email me at for more details :smiley:

I have the same issue. This feature makes using for project management a challenge. I wish Monday would fix this so we don’t have to purchase an additional software. I don’t think that will happen so thanks for letting me know about the SchedulerPro app!

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I agree, normally on a project schedule we can block out non work time so that due dates and timelines adjust accordingly - how do we do that here? I don’t want a dependency to push to a weekend if that is not part of our working schedule.

Also is there still no way to tie a dependency of a item to a subitem?? We do a bunch of development and some of my main tasks under a different group are actually dependent on a subitem of a different group…I cannot get this to work…can you provide guidance.


Lots of work to do here to make dependencies and Gantt charts function better, including an UNDO button. So many times now I’ve gotten to the end of a project timeline, change one date and it throws the whole schedule (all the dates, even of “done” items) into backwards chaos.

  • Undo : if a change messes up you plan, Ctl-Z should put it back
  • Select multiple items and make them sequentially dependent in one click
  • Allow parent/child dependencies so Gantt charts aren’t so tedious to make presentable
  • If a dependency is removed, especially across two or more groups, truly disconnect them
  • Select multiple items to move together on the Gantt
  • Drag and Drop dependencies or left-click to add or remove dependencies in the Gantt…
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Does anyone have an answer to this ??
can you tie a dependancy of a item to a subitem ? @libin ?

Hi Sawtell,
Currently, there’s no way to tie the dependency of an item to a subitem. I have tied a subitem from one item or group to the subitem of another item or group together, however, I’m having lots of problems with erratic / unpredictable changes that happen automatically. I’m currently looking for alternate solutions to the Gantt tool.

This was posted a while ago, but it’s still a challenge. The Gantt tool still hasn’t been fixed.