Start-Start dependency on Gantt chart?


Is there a way to have start-start dependencies in Gantt charts?


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I don’t believe monday support Start-Start dependencies. I suggest to have a look at the SchedulerPro app from Work Perfect that supports all 4 dependency types, lead/lag and holiday blackout.

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Thanks for your reply.

I must admit I am a bit surprised.
These are key features of a Gantt chart and without it, it’s not fully functional. And even the Monday team seems to be aware of it.

I don’t see the point of 1) paying for Monday as a gantt chart tool 2) paying for an additional app that actually does the work fully…

Also, I noticed the dependencies sometimes don’t behave correctly.
For example, the tasks’ timelines are not automatically recalculated when a task is shifted left (hope that makes sense).

Do we know if the Monday dev team intends on developing further this Gantt feature?

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This is a related post. SchedulerPro app for

The standard options would be great for gantt and just general planning.


Thanks for this! Indeed, some of these features are very standard and it would be great that they are included in Monday without having to pay an additional app.