Can a task have an early start? Multiple Dependencies?

  1. I am developing a gantt chart for a project, but I need the timeline to have an early start dependency to meet the required delivery date. Can it do this?

  2. Also for a single task/event, can I set multiple dependencies for that task/event to occur? That task/even would be a Milestone approval meeting)?
    I searched the community and could not find the clear answer.

Hey Roger!

Just to confirm; are you looking to set a dependency automation up to change the start date based on when it needs to be delivered?

If you set up dependencies, they should be reflected in the Gantt Chart.

Regarding your second question, you can set up multiple date columns and use the following automations (as many times as you have extra date columns):

Does this answer your questions? My apologies if I am misunderstanding what you’re looking to do. :blush: