Task Timeline/Gantt Charting Logic

It would be great if there was additional function around the timeline and dependent functions for each task. Specifically I would like to see

  • A new column for item Duration which can be used as the item for dependency

  • The ability to set dependency relation between items (i.e. Finish-Start, Start-Start, Finish-Finish)

*The ability to add a delay to dependencies (i.e. Task 1+5 days)

hi @Zachary

Welcome to the community. The SchedulerPro app (see https://monday.com/marketplace/10000139) from Work Perfect can do that, it supports:

  • 4 dependency types (SS, SF, FF, FS)
  • lead and lag days
  • Duration

Additionally you can specify your workweek (4 days workweek, split week, etc) and you can define holiday blackout days.

Thank you for the recommndations @basedebruin. It looks like SchedulePro is a powerfull app but at an additional cost of $1k~$1.2k/year, I wish this basic funcitionaility was built into Monday.