Create dependency between item deadlines

Hello! I am trying to create dependencies in my items’ timelines such that an item’s timeline or end date must occur by the end date of another item. Is there a way to create a link or automation that does this?

This is different than how the dependency works (to my understanding), where a dependent task cannot start until after its predecessor is complete.

Thank you!

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hi @elizabeth.l

From what I understand you are looking to a Finish-Finishe dependency and that is not supported by monday at the moment. There is an app called ScedulerPro (see that does support:

  • all 4 dependency types
  • lead and lag days
  • configurable workweeks
  • configurable holiday blackout days
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Thank you! It does look like that’s what I’m envisioning, but was hoping to do within monday. Will make a suggestion.