Creating a lags between tasks that have dependencies between them

I have a board with tasks that are dependent on each other. I used timeline+duration and dependencies rule.
I would like for there to be a certain interval between the tasks which varies from task to task. That is, that the next task should not start immediately upon completion of the previous task but according to the number set in the “time between” column that I created. I don’t find a way to make the timeline change according to the days I specified in the “time between” column. I would appreciate your help, thanks!

Hi @sharon_2255

Welcome to the community. The standard monday dependencies are somewhat basic and do not support lag between tasks. Our partner WorkPerfect (contact @libin) has an app called SchedulerPro that can do lag, all 4 dependency types, loop detection and more. Feel free to contact them.

Thank you! I downloaded the app for monday. But it doesn’t work for sub-items. Is there a solution where we can perform the same process for the sub-items as well?

As far as I know subitems are not supported yet. Are you looking for dependencies between subitems or dependencies between parent and subitems?

both. But more important dependencies between subitems. Is it currently not supported?

Thanks @basdebruin

Hi @sharon_2255
Thanks for being interested in SchedulerPro!

Regarding the dependencies between subitems, we are still exploring that at the moment. We will keep you posted once we release the version for supporting subitems.

Ok thank you very much.
Can you tell me the cost of this plugin for this functionality?
In addition, it seems that I have a problem with this plugin, could you refer me to someone at your place or should I contact Monday?

hi @sharon_2255

Can you let me know what issue you are experiencing?

Can I contact you privately? Because I want to attach a video

Sure, you can mail to
Don’t forget to let me know what your monday accountURL is, so I can analyze the logfiles.

Thank you , I sent a message there.

After basdebruin solved my problems and thank him for that.
Libin can you tell me the cost of this add-on, only for the functionality I described. currently im using the trial version.

Hi @sharon_2255 ,

Thanks for reaching out. I have shared the ScehdulerPro plans and payment details with you via email. Please kindly review.