Type of dependency

Hi everybody, I read this article on the blog:

In particular, I am interested in this part where it talks about the different kinds of dependencies:

• Finish to Start (FS)
• Start to Start (SS):
• Finish to Finish (FF):
• Start to Finish (SF):

My question is, how can I implement them on Monday? Because as far as I know there is only one type of it FS.


Hi Marco,

Our partner WorkPerfect (contact @Kimb) just released an app called SchedulerPro. This app supports all 4 dependency types, lag, skipping weekend days and loop detection. If you are familiar with Wrike you will love this app. The timelines in the screenshot below are created from the dates with this app monday.com: Apps Marketplace

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Thanks @basdebruin.

Hi @MarcoLupi,
Please see my post here for more information :slight_smile:
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