Start-to-Start and Finish-to-Finish task dependencies

I’m working on converting my team to Monday from MS Project, and one of their chief requests is the S2S and F2F feature that Project has. I don’t see a way to set that up with Monday’s dependencies column. Has anyone worked out how to replicate this in Monday?

hi @BriKHami

Looks like this is work in progress. In one of my account I do see this:

Although this is good progress I still believe the app SchedulerPro from Work Perfect is the best solution for all 4 dependency types, also because it offers very flexible workweek and holiday schedules which will be skipped in the planning.

Hello @BriKHami,

Another alternative is the Date Check app which supports all the four main dependency types and also handles non-working days, country holidays and days off for users in users in your account when calculating for durations.
Here is a demo of the app in action.

Additionally, here are some other features of the app:
:white_check_mark: Has built-in holiday checker for most countries

:white_check_mark: Dependency Types support (Finish to start (FS), Finish to finish (FF), Start to start (SS), Start to finish (SF))

:white_check_mark: Gantt view support

:white_check_mark: Templates can be used to check for time off for employees in your account

:white_check_mark: Automatic notification, date and timeline update when users are assigned tasks on their days off or on public holidays

:white_check_mark: Templates created can be used on any board

:white_check_mark: Templates are triggered by native automations

:white_check_mark: Any trigger can be used to check for holidays in dates and timelines

:white_check_mark: Multiple custom configurations