Dependency new lag time beta testing

The new beta dependency column has broken all of my boards! I am in real estate and have workflows for everytime a client goes under contract. We have boards set with dependencies set to strict. In the past all we do is create a new board and change the start date at the top and all our dates autopopulate. From there, since every board is different we then change individual dates when needed and have been able to do so. With the change last night I can no longer change dates without changing to flexbile or no action. I need a work around for all our boards!!! Is there a way to not use the beta dependency column with the lag dates and keep the old version that worked??


Hey Kelly! So sorry to hear about this - that sounds so frustrating and stressful!

At the moment there is no way to revert to the previous version, however, we would be happy to look further into your workflow and see about a workaround!

Would you send our automations specialists a message here? Or, you can reach out to us on social media via DM!

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused - thanks for flagging this!

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Thanks for your response. My company is kinda at a stand still until all the dependencies work again. All of our workflows are through monday boards and custom templates that were set up with help from you guys a year ago or so. Now none of them function. It is beyond frustrating and I hope we get it solved asap. I talked to a few techs on the chat that could not help and they set up a ticket. Unfortuantely the soonest I could get was next monday for 20 minutes and I am concerned that won’t be enough. But hopefuly they can get this resolved otherwise we will have to find a new platform.

i just wanted to chime in and say my team is going through the same troubles. we need to be able to pick production items as our dependency, but this new beta thing seems to be just allowing us to pick items from within our own team – we absolutely need to be able to pick items from throughout other team groups

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Thanks for chiming in! I posted here because I figured I can’t be alone and have spent multiple days trying to fix the problem but still no luck unfortunately. If I find anything helpful I’ll post back though!

Any updates or fixes on this from the Monday team? We’re having the same issue and it’s driving me nuts. It won’t let me change a date unless it’s the first one in the start of the dependencies. And even when I delete the dependency to change a single date, it reverts back to what it was dependent on before and moves all the dependent dates after!

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Unfortunately not yet! I had a 20 minute call with a developer that said there wasn’t a way to fix yet and he escalated it to the monday developers. One of the guys is trying to turn me off of BETA for dependencies/lag as a short term work. We have been at a stand still at my company for 8 days now and it is causing a lot of problems. If they can turn off my beta, I’ll reach back out and let you know if that solved. It is beyond frustrating.

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Rather than changing the date, try adding lag. That should allow you change the date of the item you’re looking to modify.

Having the same issues, this has to be the absolute WORST update they have released. On top of that there is no way to turn it off or revert back to how it was previously?! This is making all our boards absolutely useless and we pretty much have no use for platform anymore if this is going to be the case moving forward. Our company is at a standstill with timelines right now its so frustrating.

Some of our boards are reacting so unpredictably to the changes even that doesn’t work. I had to get on with support yesterday because I had a task with no dependency that I changed the date to October 2nd, and the dependencies would follow… and then without clicking anything the date went back to March 23rd and the dependencies followed it backwards! It was nuts as March 23rd had no relevance and no dependency and it was literally changing as I watched. It was basically a glitch we had to sort out.

Changing the lag works sometimes but is also much more cumbersome than just adjusting a date.

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That is my same issue right now. If my boards can’t work as they did prior without having to change the lag etc then we won’t have a use for monday. The workflows are super important. I am surprised it wasn’t a monday lab that we could have opted in to and tried at a beta leval. We have not been able to function correctly as a team in 10 days and it is causing major issues.

Agreed that changing the lag is WAY more cumbersome. I am kinda techy and love process systems but my team I can just get to log on, see what they need to do and change dates. I am not going to be able to get them to go in find the dependency column, open it find the lag, then look at the date vs what you need it to be then + or - days. We need the solution to change the date. Also having the issue where you remove the dependency and then it still acts as though it is there and affects other dates. Having to work off “No Action” no and then none of our dates are moving down the waterfall but at least I can change the dates. :frowning:


I understsand that could be a work around but changing the lag is WAY more cumbersome. I am at least a little tech-y and love process systems but my team is not. I have been working hard to simplify the boards for them so it is easier to use/change dates. But I am not going to be able to get them to go in find the dependency column, open it find the lag, then look at the date vs the date you need it to be then + or - days. We need the solution to change the date.

100% with you, Kelly! The solution support gave me was to put it in no action mode, refresh the page, change the date, put it back in strict mode, refresh the page again. It’s super tedious. As a temporary fix it technically works but to have to do it on every single board is kind of a joke.

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Yeah I had that one too, lol. I tried to get them to understand that is not an option for non “system” people. They don’t understand how to find the column let alone go in and touch it multiple times. My team usually functions inside “My work” and just gets the tasks done, they aren’t the ones building and tweaking the boards. Just go check off the items due or push the dates.

I just need the boards to work as they previously did where we can change dates in strict mode. The problem with flexible is it doesn’t move dates backward only forward and sometimes we have to move up a deadline.

I agree. I would rather change the dates in the timeline. I couldn’t figure out why the timeline would revert back to the original date until I updated the lag and realized it was because they were ‘linked’ together.


I currently have over 300 workflows for programmes in my business, all with flexible dependencies on a launch date. Move the launch date and all the other tasks move correspondingly. If, however, you juggle the individual tasks of a programme based on available resource, you can do so without affecting anything else.
This BETA has totally ruined that work and all my tasks have now moved after the launch date!!!
This is a ridiculous BETA that should not have been implemented without much more thorough testing and consultation with users.
I’m just about to run a training session with new users and I’m going to look like an idiot, as I don’t know how this operates.

Also, the update last year that really improved how long it took for dependencies to adjust dates, has now reversed, and it takes ages for dates to catch up.
This is not good.

Chiming in as another voice and on behalf of my organization. We too are having huge frustrations with the new dependencies beta.

  • lag is really cumbersome and not easy to add/change
  • lag is not available on parent level
  • Dates are reverting back to the original date even when dependencies are removed and even when dependency type is changed to flexible
  • Dependency options are not in the same order as the item types so there is lots of scrolling and searching for the right item name

The took the beta off my system and I can work like I used to again! Hopefully they won’t mess me up when the Beta becomes “real”.