Dependent timelines not adjusting


I am new to, and when I started using it and seeing its capabilities, I was amazed. My initial thoughts were that I could have done with this application in some of the organisations’ projects/teams I have worked on.

Unfortunately, as I started using it more, I began to find some limitations, things that didn’t work as expected by default, until I found another way of doing it, which is fine, as it’s own app. However, there are some basic PM tool functionalities that I expect to work by default or be straightforward to implement, which does not be the case, and so my confidence in the app is reducing, as I must have certainty when working on projects as we often work to challenging timescales and conditions.

Two of these issues are as follows:

Dependencies Not Auto-Updating Dates

My linked dependencies are not auto-updating on sub-items when the dates change.

Dependencies Starting From Today

My project timelines start from the day that I create the sub-item and not the future date as needed when planning projects.

I believe that there are ways to achieve these basic functions. However, I cannot find them and have wasted enough time on this, which is becoming frustrating.

Fully appreciate that there is a learning curve here. However, what I do not want to do is waste time looking for the solution for it not to exist or to then discover that I need to go to a Marketplace!

Hey Wayne,

I am sorry to hear of your frustration here and definitely want to take a closer look at your setup to understand what might be going on here.

That said, it would be really helpful to obtain some visual context (or demonstration) of the issues you’re facing in action to better understand why the feature’s behaving like this. You’re welcome to use to record a quick demonstration. If there’s confidential information, feel free to private message me! :pray: