Timeline + Duration Column + Dependencies

Hi All,

I am trying to hack together a combination of columns and automations to do what Smartsheets does when setting a project timeline. In Smartsheets, I was able to set dependencies based on the row number, and then when I set working days or edited them, it would automatically calculate and adjust the dependent columns. But I am running into an issue where if I update the timeline or duration column, it doesnt always update the start of an item to the day after of the dependent item, but will update all sequential items below it.
I currently have a Timeline column, that through the column settings, I have connected to a duration column (being used as a working days column), with a dependencies column that is coupled with the “Ensure that the Timeline of an item always starts after the date of its Dependent On item”.

Is there something I am missing in my automation + column stack to get this to work? Or is this something that Monday just simply can’t do at the moment? Screenshot attached shows that I manually updated the “Working Days” column, but there is a 3 day gap from the end of Item 7 to the beginning of Item 8.

Hi @zposen

Just another user here, but I have the same issue. If I move a date back (so the schedule slips) things move, but if something reduces duration (i.e. takes less time) and then would move the schedule up when I shorten the duration by editing the timeline, nothing seems to happen.

I think that, based on the verbiage of the automation (exact same one I’m using) that it will only ensure that a timeline starts AFTER its dependent item. So when something shortens that might allow for dependent tasks to move up, they don’t because the logic is AFTER, not something like THEN NEXT DAY.

Agree this is very frustrating and I have yet to find a workaround either.