Showing a break in timeline

Hello, will it ever be possible to use one timeline column, but have breaks in the time? For example, I have one line item - e.g. Project X - and the timeline (1 Jan - 31 Jan) represents the duration the project is live. Let’s say the team are away (6 Jan - 12 Jan). It would be helpful to be able to split the timeline in two, without needing multiple columns to capture the information.
This is for a high level board, so I do not want to add multiple line items for every chunk of project time.
Thank you

Hey @mdurant, thanks for posting!

At the moment there’s not a way to show breaks in a timeline. What would you think of having subitems represent each chunk of Project X (e.g. January 1-January 5, and January 13-January 31), and then you could mirror up the subitem timeline column to show the full range of time of the project. Here’s how: