Choose multiple date and status columns in My Work

Right now it is only possible to choose one date column per board to appear in My Work.

We would like to be able to choose more than one date column per board.

Thank you

I often have multiple dates or timeline columns in a board that pertain to one person (example: [brand campaign item] - Concept Approval is due on X date and is for person A, but the Campaign Shoot date is a different date column and also is for person A, thus when person A only has “Concept Approval” date column or “Shoot Date” column selected for their My Work, it’s only going to show up for one of those date columns and they will miss the next one that’s due). So to only have the ability to select one date/timeline column for your My Work isn’t operable for our team. I have run into this issue for many instances.

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My team desperately needs this feature, as well.

One person can (and frequently does) have different roles (and thus different status and date columns) on the same board.

To actually see all of their work on My Work, they absolutely need this feature.

It’s pretty confounding that this isn’t already a feature.

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Yes, I’d love that feature too !

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