How To Get Around Viewing Multiple Status/Dates In "My Work" Area For 1 Board?

I want to use Monday as a Client Management system.

I have a board with all my clients on it along with colums with status of different services we offer and what their current status is with each service along with dates to follow up to call them.

The problem is, when I go to “My Work” and I assign myself as the account manager for a client, I can only see 1 task in my schedule despite there being for example 3 outstanding statuses with dates that need actioned.

It seems you can only view 1 status at a time in the My Work areas by customising which status/date you want to see but i want to see them all as all my tasks are on each items row.

Is there anyway to set this up so I can view all/any outstanding/upcoming tasks without having to manually select each status on customise view each time to see if there is a upcoming task for that particular service?

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Do you have multiple status columns on the board? If so, I’m afraid at present My Work only supports one Status column per board.
This is a limitation of My Work, and if this is issue you’re running into, I’d be happy to pass on your feedback to the relevant team to consider for future updates.

If you have multiple status labels in one status column, then you should be able to see all statuses in My Work, except those that define a completed item (if you have chosen to hide done items).
You can find out which status labels define a completed item by selecting the down arrow next to the item name, and then selecting ‘Settings’ > ‘Customize Status Column’

This will then launch a menu where you can define which statuses should define an item as complete:

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Yeah i have 10 different status/date colums on 1 board.

I would like to request that you are able to view all statuses/dates that are linked with a deadline on the 1 board as “separate tasks” in the my work area.

It would consolidate everything and make our use of Monday 100% better and doable whereas right now I need to create a separate board for separate status/dates for it to appear in the my work area as separate tasks and have each status/date mirrored on my main board which is very messy.

If we could have it all one 1 board and be able to see all status/date colums on the my work area as separate tasks then it would be perfect!

Hey @fisheyes :wave:

We’re actually collecting feedback on My Work, so I’d highly recommend using the form we have for it on the feature!

If you click on the “? Help” button in the top right, you can select “Give feedback” to then fill out the form with your feedback you have on the feature!

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Already done this :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing feedback to the team!

I wonder if you might be able to use the Dashboards instead?
Dashboards allow you to combine data from multiple boards in to one central place.
You can then add widgets to the dashboard to see this data in different ways.

In particular, you might like to use the Table widget as this is most similar to the view in My Work.
It will allow you to combine tasks from different boards into one central table.

You can then add specific filters to this to only show specific statuses, to only show items that have been assigned to you etc.

Could this be a workaround for you perhaps?

You can read more on this here:
The Dashboards
The Table Widget



No we want each individual task to be shown in diary format like the My Work area.

My work around was to create a new board per status/date (task) and mirror those onto my main board.

By splitting the different tasks into different boards this then shows all tasks in the my work area.

It is just very messy and a lot of duplicate information needing updated each time.

The sooner you add the ability to add all Status/Date colums from 1 board onto the my work space the better!

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Completely agree with this!
Please allow for multiple status and date columns

Thanks for the feedback @kmims! Our product team will keep this in mind as they continue working on My Work and other features!

Let us know if you have any questions or further feedback! You can reach us at :blush: