What programming language?

Which programming language/s will be most useful for developing apps on monday.com?


i add to this question

Second this also where can we find more info about this? #Excited!

Awesome to see excitement for the monday apps feature even if we haven’t released it yet :slight_smile:

We will begin with an SDK written as a NodeJS module, but want to expand our official SDKs to other languages as well.

More generally, our apps platform will allow you to create experiences on top of monday.com with many different technologies.

Bottom line: we’re building our platform for versatility, so there will be a way to create an app with the language you’re most comfortable with. If you want to use vanilla Javascript to build something, you’ll be able to. If you prefer to use React or Angular, that’s cool as well.

And if you want to serve your app from a remote server running Fortran…you’ll be able to do that too.