What query can I use to get all subitem's column ids?

I want to query all subitems’s column id’s in a page. What query can I use. For items I would use column under boards. But the same is not working for subitems. How can I approach this?

I would get the boardId from the subitem board (subitems “live” on another board) with this one:

  boards(ids: 123456789) {
    columns(types: [subtasks]) {

where 123456789 is the boardId of the parent. Now, you have to JSON.parse the setting_str to get the boardId of the subitems board. From there you can use your normal query to get your columns.


That makes sense. thanks a lot .

Where does this formula go? In the formula column of another board?

It is not a formula, it is a call to the monday API. This one is create in the API Playground

Ooh! Awesome! I haven’t played with the monday API yet. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. Thanks!