Whatsapp integration - messaging from/to pulses

We will need a whatsapp integration that could work with the phone number column in order to send notifications trough this app too.

We are noticying that our field technicians check more quickly whatsapp messages than monday notifications (because they are reciving more from other boards). So, if there is any critical message/notification to send to them, they could not being looking at them.

The message sended via whatsapp could have a link to the pulse that needs attention.

Thats all… what you say? Something like this:

This is not currently an integration, and I haven’t heard of anyone working on it yet. But you could do this through Integromat with a bit of setup - Send WhatsApp Message from Integromat : Step by Step Guide is an article I found that explains how.

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I am sure it can be done. The link from Deb is very useful, but this quote into account:

Note: You must be approved to use WhatsApp Business API and you can apply for the same through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider such as WATI.io

It is difficult to get approval for using the WhatsApp API. There is a Dutch company (Trengo) that offers a single inbox for all type of channels (including WhatsApp) and I know there are people working on a monday <> Trengo integration. Interesting topic to follow.