Do you need Whatsapp integration with Monday? How should it work?

Hi people,

I am Kyrylo from the TimelinesAI team. We have created a tool that enables teams to organize, collaborate, and retain important business messages and files from Whatsapp.

We’ve figured out that often the end goal for our users is to plan and coordinate the work of their team according to the communication they have on Whatsapp. They would often use project management tools like Monday.

So we’re considering the option to integrate with the Monday app and enable you to work with your Whatsapp messages right from Monday. But I would love to learn more about your needs first.

If you would love to see the integration with Whatsapp, please tell:

  1. What problem would such integration help you to solve?

  2. How would you use it?

  3. What exactly would you want to import from Whatsapp and where in the Monday app should it go? Or vice versa?

I would appreciate hearing from you!

In case you are interested to learn more about the project we’ve been working on,
visit, or write to me at

I will be glad to answer your questions as well!


how’s it going with this? souns interesting?
I use whatsapp in my ecommerce but not sure how would that play with monday.

A painpoint is to create new items in a board everytime we get a lead from whatsapp.

Hello! I think this would be an amazing integration to have!
For our team, having a way to “tag” individual messages or strings of conversation to a particular (and maybe even multiple) boards OR folders would be great. I’ve talked about this with my team, and we think it would be awesome if the tagged messages from a whatsapp conversation could show up in the top right of a board, by adding a butting next to the “activities” button. This way, you could keep open whichever item you are working in, and still view messages that are tagged as applicable to that board. It would allow for photos, files, and texts to be tagged. Within that widget, there could be an option to “copy to item” so that specific files and messages can later be sorted and placed appropriately, or left to the entire board.
We would use it to quickly and efficiently disperse information that comes in via text to the appropriate project on THere are some members of our team whose thoughts and ideas jump all over the place, and being able to tag particular messages as they come in to be able to go back and use them for later would be an indispensable tool!
It would be awesome if the whatsapp application could have an integration so that the little arrow that appears in the top right of conversations and messages that shows a dropdown could have a “Tag in” option. clicking that option would allow you to select either the board or the folder that the selected message goes to. In some cases, entire message threads could show up on Monday, but if users use the same group for multiple projects, this would allow them to select individual (and multiple at a time) pieces of content to tag.
I hope this makes sense and is helpful and our team seriously hopes this happens sometime in the future!!!

We would appreciate a Whatsapp integration. We would like to use it in communication with our clients.

  1. We call the client to ask about documents.
  2. Send a Whatsapp message to the client to remind him and in this case he has our contact number
  3. Client send a Whatsapp message with pictures of the document.
    The Whatsapp account /number should be useable for more than one employee, means if a employee is not available at the office another employee is communication with the clients.

Hi Alison,

Thanks for your detailed reply! I passed it to my team. It helps us to better understand the workflow that people may have with Monday.

One question: do you use Whatsapp Web, or mobile app? Or both?
The main use case would be to import selected messages and files from Whatsapp and attach them to the relevant board, right?

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Got it, Cornelia. Thank you for your reply!

Thanks! I’ll keep your pain point in mind, thanks a lot for sharing.
Still gathering feedback for now.

If there are other use cases or pain points, I’d be glad to hear them!

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WhatsApp will be amazing. But WeChat is key when you work with vendors in Asia.

We use both versions, but if there had to be a priority the web based version would probably be more straightforward since we use more on a computer than a phone.