When an Integration that is calling a custom trigger is turned OFF, shouldn't the unsubscribe URL be called?

It does not appear as though the unsubscribe URL is being called when an Integration that is calling a custom trigger is turned OFF.

Is there another way to determine that the integration should no longer run?

hi @JCorrell

You are correct, the unsubscribe is ONLY called when the integration recipe is deleted. Also good to know that an update of the recipe (e.g. changing a column) is implemented with a unsubscribe followed by a subscribe.

I don’t know of a method to know when an integration is switched off, the user should turn the correct webhook to off, which is kind of cumbersome.


How would the user turn off the webhook?

hi @JCorrell

I was focused too much on my own apps :slight_smile:. When I use custom triggers they always insert webhooks in the board to trigger the app’s endpoints. These webhooks can be switched off in the UI by the user.

As usual, I’m just going to agree with what @basdebruin just said :slight_smile:

One thing to add: your custom trigger shouldn’t need to know when the recipe is turned off. You can continue to send events to the webhook URL, they just won’t kick off the rest of the workflow (ie, the corresponding action won’t run).