"When Mirror column changes" trigger not available

I have some columns in “board2” which are mirrored from “board1”. These are ‘text’, ‘number’, and ‘status’ columns.

Is it possible to trigger an action in board2, when value/text inside any of these three column changes in board1?

I tried using “When column changes” or “When status changes to something”, but I don’t see any mirror column reflecting in the dropdown in recipe sentence.

Hello @Prathmesh07,

You could create a custom app with a built-in trigger “When A COLUMN changes” and a custom action. When a selected column changes in board1, you would get a payload to an endpoint of your choice, announcing the change. Once you get that, you could then perform an action on board2 from your script using our API.

What do you think?


Hey! Thanks for the quick reply…It sounds pretty good solution but is it possible to know the board ID of “board2” from the trigger itself, or any other way around, so that I can update only specific column in “board2” ?

I am trying to implement the following custom recipe :

When column changes (in source board “board1”), do something and update result in result_column (in the “board2” which is connected to “board1”)

Hello again @Prathmesh07,

Glad yo help over here!

If you have your integration recipe running in board1, you can make the user choose board2 in the recipe.

Your recipe would still have the built-in trigger “when A COLUMN changes” and in your custom action, you can add an input field of type “Board” that will be coming from the recipe sentence (that is the source). This means that when the user is adding the integration to a board, they will have to choose a board from a list of boards. They will select the “target board” and whenever the recipe is triggered, you will see the board ID of the selected board in your endpoint:

  payload: {
    blockKind: 'action',
    blockMetadata: null,
    inboundFieldValues: { boardId: 1122334455 },
    inputFields: { boardId: 1122334455 },
    recipeId: 1111111111,
    forceNoCharge: false,
    integrationId: 2222222222

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks a lot for the help!

I Just have one more question, how would I get the ‘itemId’ and ‘result_column_id’ from board2 ?

I mean, I can get the board ID as you mentioned in your answer, but to update a column (say, “result_column”) in “board2”, I need “itemId” and “result_column_id” as well. How can I get that in “board1” ?

Hello again @Prathmesh07,

For that, you could create custom fields and use dependencies as explained here.

You can make a “item” custom field dependent on a “board” custom field. And you can retrieve the options to show in the custom list field using the API.

What do you think?