When status of an item changes, move a linked board to another folder

I have a board with a status column, & one of the options in that status column is “Archived”. I want to set up an automation that’s triggered when the status of an item is changed to “Archived”. The automation should take the linked board for that item, and move it to an “Archive” folder. Is that possible with Monday.com?


This is not possiable with Monday’s native automations but could be accomplished using Make.com

You can natively archive an item with this one

Not sure what you mean with an “archive folder”

@basedebruin I know that I can archive an item, but that’s not what I want to do. I want to archive an entire board when status changes to “Archived”.

hi @GSN

All automations work on an item, if you want to do an action on board level the only viable options is to do that with an external program (Make, Zapier, app) using the API.