When/why did the search feature get broken?

I’ve been scratching my head wondering why the search feature seemed to stop working randomly. I have just found out that there’s a hidden search options box that now LIMITS the scope of the search. Which could be a good idea if it was optional, but it’s not. And it seems to be limited to 20 columns - REALLY?

Come on Monday, please let me SEARCH MY DATA however I please. This is ridiculous.

Hey @Jorge,

Thanks for your feedback :pray:

Transparently, the reason for the change was in response to growing feedback about the textual search functionality. The update allows you to better personalise the columns to search by per board view. For some background if the board has more than 10 columns overall (item and subitems columns) we will select all columns by default. If less, we will select by default the first 9 columns in the board columns and in the subitems board.

I hope this helps clarify, however we will certainly share your feedback internally :pray:

I appreciate the answer. The reasoning is unclear. Why won’t you let me search across every column if I wanted to? Why is the default 9? Why is the limit 20? If there’s “growing feedback” about the search, sure, give us some preferences. Not a hard limit on something as basic as searching a database!

And having the search preferences change by board-view-user and (I think) even web browser is simpy crazy!

Monday’s workflow encourages to create a lot of columns. And by definition, most of those are created for a reason and will have useful data that we need to search for easily.

This makes me thing your servers are underpowered for the task. Or maybe you are hoping to charge a higher fee for customers that want to have functioning search?

Again. Monday is a fancy database. I can query any database any way I want to, that’s the whole point. This change makes the product very incomplete and underpowered.

Also mirrored columns cannot be searched anymore.

Hi, @BiancaT - Is this being rolled out to all accounts, or only Pro and below? Will Enterprise clients still have the ability to search all columns, including mirror columns, if desired?

I’m on a Pro plan and I can search mirrored columns just fine. If this breaks, then I won’t be able to use Monday AT ALL.

@BiancaT what’s the status on this? Is this really happening?

We have enterprise plan and the search through mirror mirror column doesn’t work anymore. And that’s terrible - we have several boards for procurement - and the main ID for every request/order/reception/payment is the purchase request’s ID. So, we use this mirror column in each boeard and now we can’t search it, basically it makes work of the receptionis almost impossible.

Hi everyone - I apologise for the delayed response :pray:

I have shared all your feedback with the dedicated product team and understand where you’re all coming from. That said, you’re welcome to share your feedback via the dedicated feedback form → here.

Due to the feedback we have already received, the team has released a new version of the feature where you can now “select” and “deselect” all columns. Additionally, the textual search now supports the Formula column.

At this stage, this feature has been released to all accounts, except Enterprise.

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There is now a maximum of 50 columns, so while this is an improvement, it’s hardly a fix.

Again: searching a database might be the most basic and trivial database function. It makes no sense to enter data in a database if you can’t retrieve it.

Searching still works for me in mirrored columns, which is a relief. Not sure why it doesn’t work with some other users.

We appreciate your feedback Jorge and understand the change hasn’t been overly impactful for you. We encourage you to share your comments via the form linked above as they will go directly to the dedicated product managers. Thank you for your understanding.

Confirmed here and this seems to be a new development (?). Can’t search mirror columns anymore. This renders most of my boards useless.

As a hack, I can stop using the app, open the boards in the browser instead and use the browser search function to find the data I need (but I can’t filter data with this).

This is pathetic.