Which webhook HTTP response code to use to put webhook in a failed state?

If there’s an error on my server when a monday.com webhook hits it, I would like the webhook status to be marked as Failed and display the error returned by my server. Is this possible?

I noticed that if I return a 403 HTTP status code without a body, that monday.com marks the status as In Progress. If I return a 403 with a body (e.g. the reason for the error), then the webhook is marked as Successful. This seems unexpected to me. I would think it would mark it as Failed.

Is there an HTTP status code my server can respond with that will mark the webhook as failed?

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Are you referring to the regular webhooks (as shown here)?

Yes, those are the webhooks I’m referring to.

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I’m checking on this with our webhook team. I will get back to you with an update soon :slight_smile:

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I think you’d find this article useful: Error handling

Check it out to learn more about how to use codes to change your integration status, and also be able to display messages to users.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried the error handling responses defined in the article, but I don’t think they work for API-generated webhooks.

What I specifically tried is returning a 401 and 402 response with the following body when the webhook endpoint was hit:
“severityCode” : 6000,
“notificationErrorTitle” : “This is the notification title of 6000”,
“notificationErrorDescription” : “This is the notification description of 6000”,
“runtimeErrorDescription” : “This is the activity log description of 6000”,
“disableErrorDescription” : “This is the disable message of 6000”

There were no errors in the webhook and the Automation Activity Logs indicated that the webhook ran successfully, even though I returned a 4XX response with a severity code.

My webhook is: “When an item is created, send a webhook”. Upon creating an item, the webhook executes, receives a 4XX response with the error message, then is marked as Successful in the Integrations Activity.

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Thanks for your clarification!

As you’ve pointed out, this mechanism is not intended for API generated webhooks.

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