While creating stacked up bar chart, drill down doesn't work as expected

This is regarding Dashboard.
For instance if I click on 4, it should only provide me information regarding whats in 4, but rather it shows me results of all the one’s which are red. but in actual I need to only see contents which are in 4 and not the others.

Please guide and suggest.

Thank you.

Hi @Akshay_M !

Welcome to the community!

I see your dilemma. You can use the filter (the little funnel at the top of the widget near the top left) and get a more granular level of information.

I might have a different suggestion depending on your use case. If you are willing and can tell us a little more we can give custom advise!

Hope this helps!

So lets imagine, when I click 4 (High -13 to 20), it should ideally give me only data related to 4(High 13 to 20), instead it should me all.

I hope it makes sense now?

I just want to see which materilizased in High-13 to 20.

I hope its clear now.

@Akshay_M Yes this does help! So The Stacked Bar is best to show all instances of the “stacked” criteria. It looks like you might benefit from multiple regular bar charts. If you use the regular bar chart and then filter out by the “stacked” elements then you can get individual information.