Whiteboards/ Canvas

Hi - With the sunset of whiteboard will our only option be Canvas?

Hey Daniel - this is correct. We do encourage users to transition over to Canvas as the Whiteboard feature is no longer supported :pray:

How do we activate Canvas within our monday.com account?

We get this message …

  • Welcome to Canvas
  • Great ideas are formed by great teams
  • Canvas is not available in your account yet. Reach out to your account admins to activate it.

… but our admins can’t figure how to activate it. Help?

Hey Brian!

Are you an on Enterprise plan? If so, Canvas has not yet been released to Ent accounts. If not, you can open a new account at workcanvas.com and use WorkCanvas. We can then merge the new account with your existing account once we open the feature for all. If you’re running into some issues, please feel free to send me a message via community and I can look into this!

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We figured it out. I sat with one of the admins and had him log into workcanvas and now they are connected. Thanks for the reply!

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Happy to hear you got this sorted Brian - thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: