WorkCanvas has finally arrived!

:tada:monday WorkCanvas is out of beta!:tada:

After hearing your feedback and implementing some updates, WorkCanvas is now out of beta and we are ready to celebrate!

What is monday workCanvas? It’s kind of like working on a whiteboard, but straight from your monday account and has way more capabilities! It allows you to plan, brainstorm, and visualize any workflow or project in one collaborative whiteboard that syncs directly with your boards.

Some workCanvas boards:

Brainstorm, organize information, and visualize relationships between different ideas as a first step in bringing ideas to execution.

Org Chart
Visualize your company’s structure, no matter how simple or complex, and store employee data and color by any category.

SWOT Analysis
Easily identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities within your organization for a simple but powerful high-level picture.

Plus, here is a quick tutorial to help you get started:

Try it out and get ready to hear straight from the WorkCanvas team about the different use cases on February 21. :tada::tada:

:tada: More details coming soon!


Can it be added to my account?

Is this included in an enterprise account?

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Details here on how to access it!

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I got the same thing.

Yes! The basic plan is free for all accounts. You can see more pricing information here. Plans & Pricing | Workcanvas

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@amesthename @Soroh Looking into this!

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Hey @amesthename & @Soroh

I spoke with the WorkCanvas team and they clarified due to account permissions, admin needs to install WorkCanvas (for free) . on your account. The WorkCanvas team would be happy to share more with you and your account admin!

I’m the account admin.

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I am an Admin and am not finding it…

@Soroh @JHarrington

Our WorkCanvas would be happy to walk you through the product and share some tips and capabilities. Sending you a DM!

I am also an account admin!

Sent you a message from the WorkCanvas team :slight_smile:

I’m also having the same trouble. Would you be able to send me that DM, too? Thanks!


I am also receiving the Canvas is not available for your account yet, but will be coming soon! message and I am the account admin.

I’d appreciate assistance. Thanks!

Hi @Julietteb! I am also getting the same error message as the users above. Would you please be able to send me a message as well? Thank you!

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I have received Canvas is not available for your account yet, but will be coming soon! pop up. I am an admin of our account.

Could you send me the DM as well? Thank you!



I’m Guy from the WorkCanvas team, and I’d like to address the confusion regarding the pop-up message you might have encountered when trying to get started with WorkCanvas.

We understand that the original message may not have been clear enough and we’re currently working on improving the clarity and conciseness of the pop-up message to ensure a smoother user experience for everyone.

The original intent of the pop-up was to guide customers with Enterprise packages towards an optimal onboarding path for connecting WorkCanvas to their account. We’ve reached out to each of you to make sure you’re able to get set up ASAP!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get started with WorkCanvas or have any other questions in mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly via PM.

Thank you, @GuyWorkCanvas! I don’t think I’ve received a message. Could you please send me a message to help me get set up? Thank you!