Wiki Style Mondays Docs

We just switched over from Clickup. One of the things I liked the most about their service offerings was the ability to have multi-page documents, similar to something like Notion. These sub documents could be arranged into a hierarchy which would auto-populate a table of contents. This allowed us to set up knowledge bases and wikis all over our organization, both internally or externally.

Currently, with Monday, we’ve been needing to set up folders full of documents, or else have one large hierarchical document which is much less efficient and doesn’t allow us to interlink as easily.

I’d love to see an expansion to Workdocs that includes the ability to create subdocuments, the ability to link to other documents from within a document, and the autogeneration of a table of contents and other navigation features.

Hey Simon,

Thanks for your feature request!

We wanted to check if your request aligns with the existing FR here → Search results include contents of Monday Docs - #3 by nealb?

If this is the case, we’d be happy to merge the two requests to consolidate votes and put greater emphasis on this needs. Every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response.

You can read more about our feature request process here: All you need to know about our feature request process!

Let me know!

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That would be a great addition to this feature but it is technically separate. Thank you though.

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This would be a great addition to the docs.

In the mean time, I wonder if you could manually link docs to each other and to a main index doc that ties them all together.

Each doc has a standardized topic and title and is listed on a main index. If it’s cumbersome, each topic could also be listed in a topical index one level higher, so you’d have a key topic index listing all topics, with detailed topical indeces per topic that then link to specific documents. These specific docs could then link to each other as relevant (e. g., when one mentions topic C it links to that document so readers can follow).

We need this too :blush:

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This is essentially what we’re doing now, though it’s less intuitive for our team to know exactly how to structure docs, where to link them, etc. It also makes reorganization and refactoring of documentation a pain and you still need to have a folder full of docs somewhere.

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