Workdocs in files features

The features concerning files don’t take into account Monday Workdocs, and it’s a problem to list or found them.
Below the concerned features :

  • Account zip export
  • Global search file tab

It would be also useful to have a feature to export all Monday workdocs to PDF in one time.

Hi, I agree that this would be a useful feature. I am currently facing a problem in exporting a large number of workdocs into PDF files. I am forced to open a workdoc individually and exporting it to a pdf. Then I need to wait the export process to be completed, closing the doc, and do it for the next item. It basically takes a huge amount of time (many hours) if you have hundreds of docs.

To solve this issue, even without integrating the docs into the file view, it would be massively useful to be able to export a workdoc from the board view, perhaps with the option of automatizing the process with a button.

Anticipating a possible suggestion, NO, DocuGen does not export workdocs into pdfs.

Hi :slight_smile:
I would be curious to know , why do you need to export docs? How are you using them?

Hi Julia,

According to our CISO we must have a way to retrieve all our data from Monday in case of a tool change for example.