Workdocs in Kanban View

I have a public sharable board and wish to set the default view as Kanban. I’m using the board to list all our employee support documentation and guides. The documents were created using workdocs, but now I discover that the workdocs column is not visible in the Kanban view.

Are workdocs not featured in that view because it is a publicly shared board? Can I change that? I checked our regular boards and cannot see workdoc columns, so the access type seems to not matter.

Are workdocs always invisible/hidden on kanban views? Any way of changing that?

Is there a template or something beyond the image digital management template (which does NOT adequately cover documents, just media) for managing support documentation and employee manuals so they may be viewed in a simple way and managed with version control, etc.


Hi@Lorelle ,
Workdocs are not visible in the Kanban view by default. You need to add the Workdocs column to the Kanban view manually. To do this, go to the Settings menu for the Kanban view and select the “Cover columns” section. Then, select the column

Thank you. I am in the Kanban view and had already gone into Settings and have all columns featured. The MonDoc (as I’ve titled the Monday Workdocs column) column is not listed, even though all columns are selected. This is for publicly shared board, not an in-house board.

Under Cover Columns, Files is my only choice. I do not see any other columns as options to show.

PDF, GDoc, and all other document files are not visible on the public shared board, which negates that usage, too.

Someone on the Discord support recommended using the Files Gallery view, which I did originally. Non-users see only a warning that “This widget is not supported in broadcasted views.”

I really wanted a one stop shop for all our volunteer team members to access support docs. They look and read and are done, referring back only once in a while as “employee manuals,” so this is frustrating.

Thanks for your help.