WorkForms - Include Condition and then select already existing Columns (questions)

It would be very useful if when including a condition in a question, that then it could be possible to select already existing columns(questions) in the board and not only add new questions as it is working at the moment.

Adding this possibility will give the option to show in the form different already existing columns in the board, depending on a condition. Even some of the columns, between others, could be used in different conditions.

For example, if condition 1 is selected… then to show columns(questions) B and C, but if condition 2 is selected to show columns(questions) A, B and E.

Thanks for the help!

This would be extremely helpful.

It would be awesome if the person setting up the form could select certain answers to be chosen out of the current column’s options. We have multiple categories, and each category has its own set of options. I would like one column for all category options but when the person filling out the form clicks on category 1, the column selected for the conditional question only sees the options for category 1, not category 1, 2, 3, 4… All answers (per conditional question) would flow into the same/current column instead of creating a new column.

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Jumping in to say this would be useful to us as well! Our existing columns have automations and links to other boards. I want to use form conditionals, however being limited to creating new questions means I need to remake all these columns and remake/remap all existing automations.

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This is exactly what I need. Thank you for bringing it up.

I have a condition that asks how many speakers will be at an event, then display information for speakers 1 through 4. So if one speaker, they get one speaker info section, if two speakers, two sections, etc., to keep the form to a minimum in size and time.

Now I have 10 speaker column sets (with 6 duplicate data points), which makes generating reports, emails, and other automation and analysis impossible as we are only working with 1-4 speakers, not 10. So frustrating. Would love to know if someone found a workaround or allowed us to better match/map columns to form elements.


This is what I ended up doing. Took a LOT of time but was the only way :confused:

SIGH. Thanks.

So frustrating.

If I understand correctly when you add a condition to a question you cant insert existing columns to that condition?

I am asking because it works for me, the only limitation which is mildly annoying is you need to create a new question inside the condition, only after you can drag existing columns into the condition box.

I added a short video doing what I just described.

Hope it helps



I do the same as Einav. I add a new field to the condition (doesn’t matter what kind), drag up existing fields, then delete the new field.

The absence of this obvious functionality is as puzzling as the absence of a single-pick column type!

Hello. This very helpful! I have a question though…

How does it work if I want to reuse existing columns multiple times?

For example:

  • If Option 1 is picked
    • Show Existing Column 1
    • Show Existing Column 2
  • If Option 2 is picked
    • Show Existing Column 2
    • Show Existing Column 3

I am able to drag “Existing Column 2” to option 1, but not to option 2.

Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

Good question, I don’t think there is a way.
If I were you I would create another column (lets say ‘Existing Colum 2b’) and add an automation that copies the value from column 2b to the original column 2 (of course its not that easy, i use a third party app that’s called Column Magic that has this automation recipe, really good app regardless).

Or another option, create a formula column that combines column 2 and 2b, that way you will have all the answers in one column without blanks

Hope that helps you

Thank you @einavpeleg. I was hoping to avoid all of that because I have over 5 options and many more number of columns, so it will be very hard to keep all in check! Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion, it is really helpful!

I can’t believe Monday doesn’t have this feature by default…

This solution is a game-changer for the problem! :rocket: However, the workaround unearthed here isn’t exactly user-friendly; you’ve got to scout the forum to get it right. C’mon,, let’s level up the solution game and make it as awesome as the platform itself! :star2:

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Totally agreed, but it eventually comes to whether this feature request reaches the 100 votes threshold or not.

This is so so helpful!! I wish the workaround wasn’t required, it feels a little silly that you must add a new question to add an existing one but you have just saved me so much time and a very big headache!!

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