Create multiple conditional questions on your form that report to the same column

How can I create multiple conditional questions on my form that report to the same column? so far if I add a new conditional question the form creates a new column, I need to select a given column for all this conditional questions so that the answers are stored in the same column, the column in question is “status” type.
My current workaround is to hide the (many) columns and have a function column that concatenates them so I am left with a single answer or empty if that is the case. But it is not clean and the board is getting really big, not sustainable. Any thoughts ?


As far as I understood you’d like to use our Conditional forms feature, right?

The thing is that conditional logic is only available on the Enterprise plan at the moment.

To learn more, please check the article below:

We have an Enterprise license and this exact same issue. We need to map answers on a conditional question to the same column. Is this a feature I am missing or in the pipeline to implement?


I use my work account that is indeed an enterprise account, please let me know how to implement it. I had to add 26 columns for the conditions and then make a function but then the automations do not accept function columns so I am stuck. Eather Monday includes function columns (with text) on the automations or allow us to assign conditional questions to the same column. I mean preferably both. Anyhow tank you for your time.


The admin for my work says we are on an enterprise plan in
Are admin users the only users who have access to create conditional logic within a form?
Are there limitations to the the type of user who can create forms w. conditional logic?

I have the same problem, I am working with conditionals and my board keeps getting bigger when I have more options in my dropdown, is there a way to gather all my answers in a single column?

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I would also like to do this. It would be really handy for multi lingual forms.

This feature would be useful to us too. Would love to know if this is on the pipeline…