Working with Board Folders in API v2

Hello fellow humans,

I’m struggling with creating boards via the API in a way that keeps them organised, any assistance from those in the know would be appreciated.

My desired outcome;
Create a board from a template, have it placed in a folder, set up it’s permissions to specific users - all via the API.

My issues;
API v2 doesn’t appear to have any query/mutator for;

  • Folder creation
  • Folder editing
  • Moving a board into a folder
  • Creating a board within a folder
  • Querying board permissions/subscriptions
  • Updating board permissions/subscriptions

Is there some secret sauce I’m missing?


Hey @grt-s :slight_smile: Great point, thanks for sharing your use case!

At the moment it’s not possible to move boards into folders or access board permissions via the API. However, it’s a request we’ve seen already and is on our roadmap as something we want to add. @basdebruin has also been asking for this functionality via our API too!

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Indeed same requests here. I can create a set of boards but want to:

  • create a folder
  • move the newly created boards to that folder
  • invite guests
  • set permission
    And the one I miss from @grt-s list is to set ownership.

Interested in this feature as well

Hi Dipro,

Any update on this feature request’s inclusion in the API?

Is there a webpage, post, etc that I can follow to learn when new features are added to the API?

I have exactly the same use case. Are there any updates on this request? where I can see the most recent changes/updates to the API v2?